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2010-10-22 14:35 (comments: 0)

Design brought to the point

Wheelchair, braillenotebook, automatic gripping and grasping systems. Many people with disabilities take these things for granted and use them within their daily routine. Little and big helpers who make our days easier. Only very few people are aware of the fact that these little and big helpers didn't always exist.

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2010-10-15 15:07 (comments: 0)

Gripability at RehaCare 2010

In the first half it was the world's greatest trade show for technical medical aids, RehaCare in Duesseldorf, where Gripability presented itself for the fourth time. And in the second half the automatic gripping and grasping aid "Gripability e3" was presented by the Bavarian governmental enterprise "bayern design" at iENA, the world leading international trade fair "Ideas-Inventions-Novelties", as an exemplary "product process".

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2010-09-26 15:09 (comments: 0)

Gripability -- what October whether has to do with Christians daily routine

An old farmers wisdom on the weather: "Is October warm and fine, comes a strong winter without sunshine, is October wet and cold, then winter sure will be mild."

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2010-09-25 15:15 (comments: 0)

Gripability -- adaptive design of working environments with vacuum gripping and grasping technology

"Daddy, what's vacuum?" ... many of us have already laughed about the answer to this question. But do you know that vacuum gripping and grasping technology can be of great benefit to people with disabilities at their working environment?

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2009-05-10 15:28 (comments: 0)

Gripability supports the charitable foundation »Brave Art«

Karlsruhe -- at the REHAB exhibition from 7th to 9th of May in Karlsruhe »Brave Art« presents itself to a larger public for the first time.

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2008-05-20 15:33 (comments: 0)

Autonomia EXPO - Athen

From May 16 to May 18, 2008 Gripability presented its product Gripability e3 at the Autonomia EXPO in Athens in relation with its Greek partner, the company recreo. Autonomia EXPO is the biggest exhibition for medical aids in Greece. One of the big Athens newspapers, TA NEA, pointed out Gripability e3 as one of the outstanding innovations in an article about the show.

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2007-10-07 15:36 (comments: 0)

Gripability sur Rehacare 2007

Le concepteur tétraplégique de Gripability présentait lui-même son produit, une pince de préhension placée sur le poignet. Elle fonctionne grâce à de l'air comprimé et un moteur placé derrière le dossier de fauteuil. L'air comprimé peut se recharger à l'aide d'une pompe ou d'un compresseur.

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2006-04-23 15:37 (comments: 0)

Gripability: Get a grip on life - thanks to handling technology

Who until recently believed that pneumatic grippers could only be used for a production oriented material flow, will have to rethink: Patrick Oeffner from Vogelsberg in Germany has developed a gripper system for handicapped people, which will make life much easier for a lot of affected people. He was, and still is, generously supported by the Bavarian firm of FIPA, a recognized specialist in industrial vacuum and gripper systems.

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