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Gripability -- what October whether has to do with Christians daily routine

2010-09-26 15:09 (comments: 0)

An old farmers wisdom on the weather:

"Is October warm and fine, comes a strong winter without sunshine,
is October wet and cold, then winter sure will be mild."

Gripability e3 Anwender mit Billiard-Queue


"I don't mind being surprised by the weather, I take it as it comes.", says Christian, the German wheelchair user, with a great smile on his face. "With my life that's different -- here I really like to get a grip on things."


Said and done -- using the automatic Gripability gripping and grasping system, Christians phrase really has "the truest sense of the word touch"... and he goes on: "creative works, playing snooker and first of all a wide range of daily actions have only become possible for me, since I use "Gripability e3"."

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