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Gripability at RehaCare 2010

2010-10-15 15:07 (comments: 0)

With its products Gripability e3 and Gripability Xhand the German company develops new activity fields within the market for technical medical aids.

Thus for Gripability October 2010 again was a very eventful month.

In the first half it was the world's greatest trade show for technical medical aids, RehaCare in Duesseldorf, where Gripability presented itself for the fourth time. And in the second half the automatic gripping and grasping aid "Gripability e3" was presented by the Bavarian governmental enterprise "bayern design" at iENA, the world leading international trade fair "Ideas-Inventions-Novelties", as an exemplary "product process".

Gripability auf der Rehacare 2010Gripability auf der Rehacare 2010

Patrick Oeffner, Gripability CEO concludes for the month October, "gripping and grasping are among the most elementary of human abilities. Our gripping and grasping aids open up completely new possibilities to compensate a missing or limited grip or grasp ability within the level of technical medical aids. Meanwhile it is very obvious that we have achieved a stable position within the market of technical medical aids. Maintaining and establishing business relationships, conversations with customers and many other details have let us experience this year's RehaCare out of a new perspective."

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